Monday, January 21, 2013


We've all heard the term, a common word in these cautious, threatening times when paranoia about our vulnerabilities and security has us doubling up like never before.  Nowadays it has become prudent to back-up just about everything.  Airlines do it--in triplicate--to reduce the failure rate of a plane's mechanical system to near zero.  So do power companies.  And so do we.  Ever pack an extra pair of underwear into your overnight bag...just in case? 

Yes, it's one big redundant world out there.

But really, schlep a spare bike around town?  Talk about pushing the redundancy envelope!  But then again, perhaps he was a Boy Scout and that "Be Prepared" motto just kind of stuck.

Or maybe he just likes to show off.  Or annoy midtown motorists stuck behind him.

Carry on!

Bicycle Built For Two
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