Saturday, February 2, 2013

42nd Street and 8th Avenue.
Home to the Port Authority Bus Terminal and its newest tenant, the Cake Boss Cafe, the second Manhattan outpost for 4th generation bakery maestro Buddy Valastro, aka "Cake Boss", who shot to fame in The Learning Channel show of the same name.
Back in the day (think 1970's - 80's) though, when 42nd Street was a notorious strip dubbed "The Deuce", you wouldn't find cannolis, crumb cakes and tiramisu on this particular corner.  No, it was populated by a much different breed of businessman then, peddling wares of the sort frowned upon by polite society and men with badges. 
Those infamous wild west days, however, are long gone.  But the flamboyance of the era seems to have made a comeback, proving over-the-top, colorful characters like Buddy and Fly Guy here can co-exist peacefully and share the same turf.
And why apparently it's okay to wear white before Memorial Day. 
Who's The Boss?

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