Saturday, December 22, 2012

Heeeeeeeee's back!

Or is he?

This past week in Gotham City a 34-year old New Jersey man dressed as the video game icon Super Mario was busted for groping a 58-year old woman in Times Square.  He "allegedly" grabbed her inner thigh and is charged with forcible touching.

But is he THIS Super Mario seen trolling the sidewalks today?

Impossible to say, since a few Super Mario's (and his brother Luigi) ply their trade--along with assorted Mickeys, Minnies, Elmos and you-name-it pests dressed as warm and fuzzy kid-friendly characters--posing with suckers, er, tourists and strongarming them for a "tip" afterwards.  No telling who is beneath the mask.  And that's scary.  And creepy.

Oh, and the topper?  The Jersey guy was also nailed for pot possession.  What, no mushrooms?

Need A Plumber, Lady?


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