Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" in New York City quite like...

The Naked Cowboy.

Yep pardner, there he was in all his buffed glory and tighty whities working the matinee crowds today despite the holiday and brisk winter winds.

Robert John Burck II has been doing this same shtick in Times Square for over thirteen years now, but he's come a long way from the bare skinned busker who posed for photos for two bucks a pop. These days he's Naked Cowboy Enterprises, with a trademarked name and image he licenses out to companies to peddle products like oysters, as well as offering franchise opportunities to Naked Cowboy and Cowgirl wannabes. Yes, this booted, skivvied, twanging troubador in a 10-gallon hat has become a brand and has the merchandise--from T-shirts, hats and underwear to aprons, mugs and magnets--for sale on his website to prove it.
Two days ago this catholic schoolboy from Cincinnati, Ohio, a political conservative who cites Nancy Reagan as an inspiration, celebrated his 42nd birthday and one wonders just how much longer he can continue to muster up the moxie to titillate tourists.

For now, gotta give this urban cowpoke his due: Rarely has someone done so much with so little.

 Hardest Working Man In Show Biz


  1. Did you ask him about himself? How did you find out his name/age, etc? Love the blog! Keep the photos coming!

  2. He sued Naked Cowgirl and lost, over a trademark issue.

    1. And now he's suing the "Naked Indian" for invading his turf and "stealing" his act...